"Wind Swept Cottage" - Newbury neck, Surry, Maine

In the fall of 2017 I was commissioned to build a custom radon fan cover for a cottage on Newbury Neck. The cottage is completely sided and trimmed in beautiful western red cedar. I built a surround to blend in with the rest of the house. Attention to details led to a solid cedar cover, custom tongue and groove panels fit together with no visible fasteners, the pitch mirrors the roof line, scribed cleats to the clap boards, 3" copper pipe for exhaust, and 2 coats of exterior oil. Once this was done I assumed this is where the project would end. 

2 months later I received a phone call about ice building up around the cottage. I immediately went over to find the hot water line to the dishwasher had burst. This happened 1 month prior to me arriving and the house had 3 inches of hot water on the floor and everything was covered in droplets of hot water. Over the next 2 months I worked with the homeowners to handle the insurance process. This was very time consuming and we were able to get a 106% increase of the original offering to repair the cottage.


When I arrived back to the cottage it was gutted to the studs. I set forth reconstructing. Framing was adjusted, walls were moved and the cottage was prepped for rebuild. You might as well make lemonade when life hands you lemons! So we took this opportunity to change the cottage slightly to the homeowners liking. The floor was replaced with solid "french sawn"  white oak. The ceiling is T&G douglas fir. On the walls we decided to use 8" nickel gap paneling. The bathroom floor is especially a treat, river stone floor to match the beach. Not only did I match the grout to the sand on the beach but my son and daughter picked up beach washed brick that is ever so common on these rocky shores of Maine. It is truly one of a kind and unique to this location! 

I also designed/built a shaker style kitchen and built ins for the cottage. The closet built in has aromatic cedar backing for a unique look! I will have more updates as progress continues! 

 I personally have done every bit of work excluding stone floor, electric and plumbing! 

Mainescape - Blue Hill, Maine

Everyone on the Blue Hill Peninsula knows Mainescape - they are the go to garden shop in these parts and have been for 40 years! They also kindly host the Blue Hill Winter's Market. I was very excited to redesign and build their new sign. The owners were so thrilled with the quality of my work several more projects were quickly added to the list. Including skylight replacement and water damage repair, new board and batten and clapboard siding, circular window replacement (I LOVE working on curved projects!), and much more. Click on the images above for a more detailed description.

Timber Framed Pavilion - Sedgwick, Maine

I have had a deep appreciation for Timber Framing for many years now. Even though I am still new to this craft I have found that it is a very good fit for me - I enjoy every aspect of it. From the complex math, to the tree felling and milling, carving joints with chisel and mallet, and especially using my 100+ year old hand crank boring machine. I was thrilled to be able to build and donate this 12x12 pavilion (some call it a gazebo) for the Sedgwick Community Playground here in Sedgwick, Maine. The wood was responsibly harvested and milled in Penobscot, Maine.

Timber Framed Pergola - Blue Hill, Maine

After building the 12x12 pavilion I was eager to design and build something else - this is what I created. It combines locally milled (Penobscot, Maine) cedar and pine, as well as traditional European techniques with Japanese techniques. The burned wood method is of Japanese origin and is call Shou Sugi Ban, it makes the wood resistant to rot and insect damage - and I think it looks awesome!

Toddy Pond Home - Penobscot, Maine

I love all carpentry projects and sometimes I like to take on some work that might be a little different. This homeowner wanted the large granite stones removed and replaced with an Alaskan yellow cedar walkway - so I removed the stones by hand in addition to building the walkway. I also built a huge raised bed using cedar logs that were harvested just down the road.

Custom Cabinets, Built-Ins & Finish Carpentry

I am very fortunate to have started off as a cabinet builder and finish carpenter - it gave me the skills I needed to be the absolute best in my field.

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