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Building & Consulting 


I am a solo builder w/ helper. At this time I would only be willing to accept certain new build projects. Well crafted homes are a great path for a retired couple or small young family. I am detail oriented and meticulous in my craft. We aren't just slapping a building together we are crafting a dream. Perhaps you need a fresh perspective or you would like a trusted set of eyes monitoring your build while you're away. I have ongoing projects so if you're interested in working together please reach out well ahead of your timeline. 

Liberty Construction - Blue Hill, Maine - Timber Frames

Timber Framing


There's nothing I don't love about timber framing. From pergola's, additions, barns and everything in between, I use new and old ways to cut joinery- mortisers and chisels. Whenever possible I source all of my products locally from the trees that are grown, harvested, and milled here on the Blue Hill Peninsula. 

- I can ship timber frame kits and help your builder put them together. 

Bespoke Joinery & Finish Carpentry


Home Restoration & Remodeling

Liberty Construction - Blue Hill, Maine - Home Restoration & Remodeling
Liberty Construction - Blue Hill, Maine - Home Restoration & Remodeling

Protecting our valuable resources is extremely important to me. I genuinely believe that maintaining, restoring, and renovating homes is an essential part of that. Giving your home new life, and making it work better for you. 

-At this time I only offer this service locally. There is only one of me and I can not travel around the state repairing homes. 

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